Origins of Beelieve In The Journey

The Vision 

Beelieve In The Journey is my personal passion project that has been dreamt up over sleepless nights, day dreams, and vision boards. I have spent hours dreaming up a place where I can put all of myself into one place. I wanted to put it in a place where others could see it and learn from it. I hope that I will be heard, and that I am able to help others find their voice as well. Beelieve In The Journey is a way I can bring all of it to life. I want to inspire people to take hold of their lives and to better themselves. By no means do I have a hold on my life, but I am learning! I want you to be able to learn through my mistakes.

The Name

Beelieve In The Journey has a history and goes back to when I was in junior high. I was facing a lot of hardships in my life and I was having a hard time finding significance in it all. There wasn’t much for me to hold on to. I was talking with one of my dear friends about it when he mentioned that I should start to believe in myself more. If I needed any reason to move on and to live then should be reason enough. He told me that if I had trouble remembering what to believe in then I should look at my name or my initials at least; B. L. V. It is short for believe. It is cheesy and for that exact reason my 14-year-old self ate it up. It started to become my brand so to speak. I would write it out over and over again. To this day it has kind of just stuck with me.

BELIEVE is the beginning of it all.

Later in my life I chose to make a much needed change within myself. I decided to commit a portion of my life to my weight-loss and fitness journey. Of course, I needed an Instagram name and hashtags to brand my journey and hold myself accountable. From there #BelieveInTheJourney came into play.

October 24th, 2018 was my 22 birthday. By 22 I wanted to have so much accomplished, but my life decided to have a different plan. Now I am 22 and I don’t have a single thing accomplished that my 16-year-old self wanted for me. Yet, my 21-year-old self had so MANY plans and dreams. I had not been living up to my full potential. I NEEDED something more. So I made some promises to myself:

  1. I will run a successful blog.
  2. I will start-up my fitness and weight-loss journey again and commit myself to following through.
  3. I will never stop trying to better myself and my life.

Along with so many more mini promises as well. There would be no more excuses and no more holding back. I will do anything and everything to make myself happy and healthy.

The Brand

My blog was well on its way to coming to life but I needed something more. I started thinking about the support system I could potentially bring into people’s lives and it reminded me of a bee hive. Bee’s play the biggest role in all living things and they are unapologetically fierce and beautiful. I wanted to be thought of a bee pollinating flowers into beautiful blooms. So I switched Believe to Beelieve playing on this idea. I want to reach out to mothers especially. Whether you are a single mother, a married mother, a first time or fifth time mother, stay at home or working mother; I wanted to build my hive with YOU. This is where Busy Bees come up, because no matter what kind of mother you are, you are definitely BUSY.

I have a feeling that this is going to be part of something BIG and something amazing. I hope you join me on this journey.

Bee Inspired,

Brittany Lee Vaughn

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