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As a new blogger, I am obsessed with doing reaserch. I came across fellow bloggers using fancy cover photos to introduce their posts on their blog, pinterest, and instagram. I searched around briefly to see if I could find some sort of app that everyone is using to create these eye-catching photos. After searching with no luck, I decided to make a post of my own. I originally wanted to create a post titled The Top 5 Blog Post Photo Editors, but then I found one that surpasses them all. I didn’t see a point in introducing you to other editors when they didn’t stand a chance.

If you are like me, you like to be able to work from your phone as well as your laptop. I like to be able to sit on the couch, in between the chaos of being a mother, and work on my blog. Creating cover photos from my phone would be the perfect fit. So I started searching for apps. None of them wowed me until I found The Adobe Photoshop Express app. Some of you might already know this, but this app is the! It has a 4.8 star rating on the Apple App Store with more than 260k ratings. If you do find an issue with the app and mention it in your review the Developer responds to you and thanks you for your feedback. They also assure you the bug will be fixed and lets you know what steps are being put in place to do so. Excellent customer service and top reviews are barely scraping the surface when it comes to diving into what an amazing editor PS Express is.

You can download the app and link it up to your laptop and use them both at the same time if you’d like! Your phone and laptop sync up so you can transfer your work back and forth effortlessly. Using your PC to edit your photos also gives you access to more editing features that aren’t on the app for your mobile device. This editor gives you the best of BOTH worlds!

Most apps have annoying in-app purchases in order to have access to their full content. Other apps even allow you to download them for free and then offer you a couple day to a week free trial run. In most cases, you still have to provide your credit or debit card information. If you don’t then it kicks you out of the app and you can’t use it at all. Therefore, if you end up hating the app you would still have to use it, because you already would have spent money on it. This doesn’t seem entirely fair and would just waste your time. The PS express app is entirely free to download and doesn’t have any in-app purchases. It’s almost too good to be true!

Once the app in downloaded you have the option to log into your Adobe account. You don’t have an Adobe account? No biggie. PS express gives you the option to log using your Facebook or Google account. After logging in, you get to dive right into editing your photos. All services are lined up at the bottom of the screen and are self explanatory and easy to use. So no need for a tutorial! You can choose a photo out of your phone’s gallery and are given the option to crop it. I love the way PS express has set this feature up! You have a custom crop button, basic dimensions, and even social media post options! You can choose from Pinterest, Facebook Cover Photo, Instagram, and more. This makes it super handy for perfectly sized social media posts.

You can then choose from a wide variety of filters for your photos.

You can choose how strong of an appearance the filter has on your photo with an easy to use slide bar.

Photoshop Express also has the option to detect and correct red eye, pet eye, and blemishes.

There is an extensive amount of text options for your edit as well. You can choose from text styles that are already created with a font, alignment, color, and even quote or phrase for a quick edit. You can choose a text style and edit to your liking as well. Once you have chosen a style you can also layer them with each other ot with other text. This will also allow you to switch the color, font, opacity, and alignment of your text art.

There are also other features like stickers, outlines, frames, and other details or effects.

Other amazing features that PS Express provides is the ability to create photos with no watermark and post your photos on your adobe profile. Both of these are useful because other apps don’t allow you to so this. Posting your creations on your profile allows you to go back and edit them later. You can also view other editor’s photos in the discovery tab. This allows you to gain inspiration and copy their edits on your own photo.

I absolutely love the variety of features and tools available in this program and app. I am excited to see what else it can do for future posts and projects.

Using Adobe Photoshop Express allows you to go from simple to eye-catching!

Let me know what you guys think of Adobe Photoshop Express in the comments.

Bee Inspired,

Brittany Lee Vaughn

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Origins of Beelieve In The Journey

The Vision 

Beelieve In The Journey is my personal passion project that has been dreamt up over sleepless nights, day dreams, and vision boards. I have spent hours dreaming up a place where I can put all of myself into one place. I wanted to put it in a place where others could see it and learn from it. I hope that I will be heard, and that I am able to help others find their voice as well. Beelieve In The Journey is a way I can bring all of it to life. I want to inspire people to take hold of their lives and to better themselves. By no means do I have a hold on my life, but I am learning! I want you to be able to learn through my mistakes.

The Name

Beelieve In The Journey has a history and goes back to when I was in junior high. I was facing a lot of hardships in my life and I was having a hard time finding significance in it all. There wasn’t much for me to hold on to. I was talking with one of my dear friends about it when he mentioned that I should start to believe in myself more. If I needed any reason to move on and to live then should be reason enough. He told me that if I had trouble remembering what to believe in then I should look at my name or my initials at least; B. L. V. It is short for believe. It is cheesy and for that exact reason my 14-year-old self ate it up. It started to become my brand so to speak. I would write it out over and over again. To this day it has kind of just stuck with me.

BELIEVE is the beginning of it all.

Later in my life I chose to make a much needed change within myself. I decided to commit a portion of my life to my weight-loss and fitness journey. Of course, I needed an Instagram name and hashtags to brand my journey and hold myself accountable. From there #BelieveInTheJourney came into play.

October 24th, 2018 was my 22 birthday. By 22 I wanted to have so much accomplished, but my life decided to have a different plan. Now I am 22 and I don’t have a single thing accomplished that my 16-year-old self wanted for me. Yet, my 21-year-old self had so MANY plans and dreams. I had not been living up to my full potential. I NEEDED something more. So I made some promises to myself:

  1. I will run a successful blog.
  2. I will start-up my fitness and weight-loss journey again and commit myself to following through.
  3. I will never stop trying to better myself and my life.

Along with so many more mini promises as well. There would be no more excuses and no more holding back. I will do anything and everything to make myself happy and healthy.

The Brand

My blog was well on its way to coming to life but I needed something more. I started thinking about the support system I could potentially bring into people’s lives and it reminded me of a bee hive. Bee’s play the biggest role in all living things and they are unapologetically fierce and beautiful. I wanted to be thought of a bee pollinating flowers into beautiful blooms. So I switched Believe to Beelieve playing on this idea. I want to reach out to mothers especially. Whether you are a single mother, a married mother, a first time or fifth time mother, stay at home or working mother; I wanted to build my hive with YOU. This is where Busy Bees come up, because no matter what kind of mother you are, you are definitely BUSY.

I have a feeling that this is going to be part of something BIG and something amazing. I hope you join me on this journey.

Bee Inspired,

Brittany Lee Vaughn

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